The purpose of the site is to inform and help people enjoy the Water Sports market in Wales.

Club listings are free and we offer hosting & Design templates for club web sites at a very reasonable cost, starting at £40 per year.

Building the directory from the people and clubs who participate in water sports will make this the most accurate and comprehensive listing available for this reason any costs have been kept very low to ensure participation and anyone who comes onto the directory will have a free listing for the first month on the site.

The directory will be for people who participate in various water sports to find further information about the sport they participate in, where to get equipment etc and for new people who wish to find out about a sport of interest and how to get involved in it.

1) Name of business
2) Contact name
3) 100 word description of the organization
4) Telephone number
5) Area
6) E-mail address
7) Web address + link

8) Company logo

Every entry in the directory will be put on the site for 1 months free of charge and then the following will apply:

1-2 section             £50.00

3-5 sections            £85.00

6 or more sections £99.00

Further information on the above or anything connected with water sports please contact Dave on the following numbers:

01633 679639 or 07870 680311

Or Click here to E-mail Watersports Wales