Wind Surfing
When someone decided to take a surf board and put a sail rig on it that be controlled, I wonder if they expected it to become a sport in it’s own right.

Having recently returned from Dale where I saw a group of people having tuition by a lady who certainly knew what she was on about and made the tacking of the board look very easy indeed and have myself tried the sport, I know what lures people to this fun, wet and what can be an inexpensive sport.

It’s great when you succeed in getting the sail up and start to feel the pull of the wind then lose the sail and end up floating yourself having lost your balance and fallen off your board, you keep getting back up until you master the various parts of control of sail and board in harmony to reach whatever level you are happy with and even then you fall off and start again. Great Stuff!

I will be covering various aspects of wind surfing on the site as it grows and would encourage you to participate in this or any other section so others may benefit from your input.




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